Latest News about Your PTC Biz! Crazy!

Published on 18 January 2020 at 19:57

Hello, everyone!

Remember my post about Your PTC Biz? If not click HERE to read it, please.

Remember that at Your PTC Biz you earn EVERYDAY, $0.10 per 100 Pages surfed?

Now Your PTC Biz gives you an additional PRIZE if you're on Top 5 Surfers! See the list below:

1st:  $0.50 100/100/100/100

2nd: $0.25 80/80/80/80

3rd: $0.10 60/60/60/60

4th: $0.05 40/40/40/40

5th: $0.01 20/20/20/20

One more reason to JOIN Your PTC Biz! Here your Ads will be seen for sure!

And REMEMBER: Instant Cashout at $5!

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