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Published on 30 December 2019 at 20:34


A new week beginning and a year finishing...

Today, I bring to you a wonderful suggestion, a NEW and awesome Traffic Exchange! 

Very active, credits disappear fast which means lots of members surfing. In fact I must say that Surfer Rewards may contribute for this. Take a look in the picture below and you will se what I mean. 

As you can see, you earn cash in surfer rewards and credits while surfing. To make it better, when you surf you will find very interesting amounts of free advertising, more credits, banners and text ads. 

I suggest you just don't think about YPB just like a TE where you earn $0.10 after surfing 100 pages. Remember that you can surf much more and this way you will earn lots of MORE credits and MORE other advertising. Believe me, here your credits just go with the wind because your sites are getting lots of views! YES! Really true!

All this means that Your PTC Biz is a very important tool to have your sites well promoted.

In face of all these advantages, you also should consider an upgrade... Join and take a look at all advantages. You even can buy your upgrade with your earnings!

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