Very Important REMINDER about Magical Journey World!

Published on 31 December 2019 at 11:41

Hello, everyone!

I hope to find you all in the best. We all are almost in the New Year that I really HOPE will be the BEST for you and your families.

May 2020 bring us Peace, Health and Love. These values are the best we all can wish! Right?

Now, I couldn't help to come here to REMIND you about the TWO Big Events we have for tomorrow in Magical Journey Downline Builder (MJDB) and Magical Journey Traffic Exchange (MJTE). The first one is a ONE DAY EVENT in 1st of January and the second will last 12 days starting tomorrow. The list of sites for the One Day event you find at MJDB Page. And the list for the 12 days event you can find HERE. For this one it is enough to surf all sites just for one day. However the more days you do, more chances you have. Prizes are really GREAT! Will you find a best way to start the NEW Year? I'm sure you don't!

If you need any help or details further, please go to the page in the site about MJDB or clicking HERE!

Don't forget to join these two awesome and rewarding sites and put your fingers working to you!


So, be prepared and Good Luck to all! 

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Kay Brasher
8 months ago

I am one of the administrators for Magical Journey DLB and Magical Journey TE. Our team works very hard to make sure that our members can have the best experience. The owner of the sites is Dewayne Goodwin and he is a fantastic owner. We would love to see more members join us and have a great experience and have the chance to earn as well.

Happy New Year's to all!

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