TE Headquarters

If you’re like me and use Traffic Exchanges a lot, like most everyone does these days, you also know that it can be sometimes frustrating trying to keep track of the traffic exchanges you surf. But that frustration can end right now.

Let me introduce to you Traffic Exchange Headquarters!

Traffic Exchange Headquarters provides tools and services to traffic exchange owners and surfers like you!

TE Headquarters has a tool called Daily Task Manager that allows you to easily keep track of some of the top traffic exchanges you surf with the simple click of a button. PLUS, you can get rewarded for doing so! This is awesome but not all.

You can find at TEHQ some other powerful tools like the Hit Distributor, Personal Brander, Top

Recommended TEs and the valuable Traffic Exchange Reports!

TEHQ gives you the chance also to make money not only by promoting your affiliate link but also by winning cash prizes by taking part in the Hullabaloo and viewing ads under the Short Term Ads section. A minimum cashout amount of $10 is required.

When you’re active you get “Experience” and you reach “Levels”. This is a feature to track your progress at TEHQ. You can compare yourself to other members and it gives you bragging rights! Those that rank the highest get their picture on the dashboard for all to see. You earn experience in various ways, some of these include, referring new members, making purchases, viewing the daily login advertisement, completing daily tasks, advertising your personal brander, advertising your distributor url and taking part in the Hullabaloo. Experience points are fun competition against other members of TEHQ.

At “Short Term Ads” members earn $0.01 for every ad they view. You can only be credited for viewing an ad once per day and if you’re an advertiser you can advertise to members using a full page ad. Ads are shown for a full 30 seconds.

Finally, another interesting feature is “CMG Points” that are the internal reward system at all JAC Traffic Sites. You can earn JAC Points in a variety of ways:
- Earn CMG Points with EVERY Purchase at ANY JAC Traffic Site. You will earn 10 JAC Points per $1.00 spent.
- Earn CMG Points by completing a Daily Task at Hot Flash Hits, Splash-Wave & Viral Safelist Mailer.

- Earn 10 CMG Points per day at each site by surfing 131 pages at Hot Flash Hits or Splash Wave and by opening 20 emails at VSM.
- Earn CMG Points by Completing Daily Tasks at TE Headquarters.

    - Complete 1 Task - Claim 10 JAC Points;

    - Complete 3 Tasks - Claim 40 JAC Points;

    - Complete 6 Tasks - Claim 100 JAC Points.

- Earn CMG Points by completing the Hullabaloo. Claim random amount of CMG Points multiple times per day with each Hullabaloo completion.
CMG Points may be traded for prizes here at TEHQ. They have no redeemable value for cash.

Want to jump ahead of the pack in the traffic exchange industry?

Then you need to join Traffic Exchange Headquarters right now!