Finest Traffic is much more than a Traffic Exchange.

It is also a powerful Downline Builder.

It has a strong component of fun that can be highly rewarding!

Join and then, to understand what you can take advantage of, explore the member's area, namely Challenge, Points Pool and inside of this one Zombie Zone.

You can win Tokens everyday you can use to buy upgrades and/or advertising!

In Points Pool you have 43 Partner sites that allow you to earn points. Every 50 pages viewed on FinestTraffic and on partner sites you earn 1 Point. Points are updated every hour.

On Platinum level TE you can surf 500 pages for a maximum of 10 points daily.

On Gold level TE you can surf 300 pages for a maximum of 6 points daily.

On Silver level TE you can surf 200 pages for a maximum of 4 points daily.

On Free level TE you can surf 50 pages for a maximum of 1 points daily.

Half of clicks are required for mailers.

Remember to fill in your ids in the downline builder, so your referrals who will register on partner sites will remain your referrals.

Otherwise they will be assigned to your upline.

At Challenge users can complete daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Read the instructions inside and you will love it the way you can earn tokens.

Finally, don't forget to read the Zombie Zone Player Guide to learn how you can have lots of fun and be rewarded at same time.

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