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Published on 13 April 2020 at 23:02

Hello :-)

Internet Marketing provides us so many sites, so many options that even if we were Upgraded Members at all of them we won't have space enough to promote them all, so I thought could be a good idea suggest some Traffic Exchanges that have a good option to promote 10 sites at once, using the Top 10 Splash Page option. I use the three sites below. Maybe there are others using this, but I don't remember...

Feel free to recommend other I don't know, your suggestions will be welcomed. 

Click the links below and take a look at how these splashes look... Beautiful! And this way, with these three sites, I am advertising 30!

I hope today's suggestion is useful and help you to get a little bit more organized in your online business.

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Kay Brasher
a year ago

Yes, the Downpost page is what the 10 banners allow you to put with your referral link to build your list. So, put your 10 favorite TE's or the businesses that you want to promote in any of the above sites mentioned. It gives you more advertising rather than only putting in one site.

Thanks for the wonderful post Manuela.


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