Ronda's Power!

Published on 31 January 2020 at 13:02

Hello, friends!

Today I bring you great news!

Ronda Listeman has incresead her portfolio of Traffic Exchanges! Yes, now she owns MORE 4 TEs: 

Ronda is one of my favorite owners and for all those that know her, you know that she really cares about her members and as far as I can see, already, all 4 sites have inside all features that are typical on her first 3 TEs.

These 4 TEs were already great, but now they are GREATER! If you're not member yet, just join for FREE. Use them and then consider an upgrade. It really worth!

Don't forget that Ronda uses to have lots of rewarding cross promos that give your advertsing a nice boost. 

Finally don't forget the first TEs that Ronda owns and that keep having a high dynamics, where your sites are also really seen! 

All TEs are 7 now! 7 is a number of Power and Wisdom! 

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