Cooperative Marketing Group (CMG)

As I told before I love Downline Builders so they are a crucial tool to help us buiding our business and our online work.

Cooperative Marketing Group (CMG) is owned by Jolynn Moss and Randy Howard and it is a very well conceived downline builder, namely, because it has many incentives to use it. And I must say that these owners are wonderful, friendly and highly supportive!

For example, when you surf the TEs at Top Surfer Awards list, you find a Page when you claim a Certificate. As many certificates you claim as much prizes you will get, from advertising to cash!

The certificate will look like this picture below. So, pay attention to find it...

Exchange Your Top Award Points for Advertising or even for an Upgrade!

When joining Pay ATTENTION to the Login OFFER!

Please join and give Coop MG a chance for you to feel how grateful you will be using this program.

You can also participate in the CMG Co-op for FREE! YES! And it is really easy! Simply Add your Co-op URL to any Traffic Exchange listed and every time your Coop Link gets viewed, you'll earn Credits at CoopMG. FREE Members earn 0.25 Credits and Upgraded Members earn 0.75 Credits per view generated.

276 Total Approved Traffic Sources and 107 Total Network Partners

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